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Tips on making your Training Journey more Meaningful

When your coach designs your coaching program, he/ she does it in such a way that you have time to train, your fatigue is managed and you feel strong for race day. Your coach designs this program specifically for you, but if you don’t listen to him/her you can’t expect to see any results. Have…

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Cadence matters

– Johann Wykerd We get many questions asking us if Cadence is an important element to worry about when riding your bike .. our answer, “Yes, Cadence does matter!” To simplify cycling we can break it down into 3 controllable factors 1. Your effort (heart rate) 2. Gearing (front and rear combination) and 3. Pedal…

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Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling

Nutrition basics for better healthier cycling – Johann Wykerd As a coach, one of the most frequent questions I get pertains to nutrition. Unfortunately (or fortunately I am not a nutritionist) and this topic proves to be a mine field if you delve into it. But, because of all the queries I get, I have…

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Kim’s Podium Etiquette

Being on a podium is a proud moment, not only for you but also for your sponsors. That is why we believe that it is important to look your best . Here are a few tips from Kim Le Court about Podium Etiquette.  Kits are a requirement:  Even if the podium is hours after your race,…

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How to stay Hydrated during Base Season!!

“Better hydration this time round … a huge relief!” – Willie Pelser  “What can I try next?” Over the last 2 to 3 years I have constantly asked myself this question. Which energy drink can I try next? What else can I add to my hydration intake when I ride my bike? I am one…

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Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android

The Only Heart Rate Monitor You’ll Ever Need. Tickr X has dual band technology of both ANT + and Bluetooth Smart, you only need one heart rate monitor strap for connecting to all of your training devices, from iPhone to Android to Garmin to Timex. See The Connection The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is…

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October 2017- Coaching Workshop

Absolute Motion – October 2017 Coaching Workshop  This Month our Absolute Motion Coach Johann Wykerd went touring around the country to give a workshop on what Absolute Motion Coaching is all about. He has currently been to four towns and has two towns left where he will be talking in Pretoria and Rustenburg. To anyone…

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Why TEMPO rides?

This is one of those mysterious zones that we often don’t understand or don’t value, because we are not going easy and it’s not hard. So, what is the purpose of TEMPO rides and where does it fit into the coaching/training world? There are several versions of training zones used in the big world of…

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Training Stress Score – what does it mean?

As a starting point, all this jargon makes an assumption that you measure all your effort using power. Yes, most of us don’t have the luxury of having a power meter on our bike and the closest we get to a power meter is by doing interval training on a power trainer in the gym…

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It’s a journey … not an event

In this blog I want to share, with their permission, some of the journeys of three amazing young women in our world. Bianca Haw, Frankie du Toit, Christie Hearder … three young women, 3 years apart in age, loving bikes, reaching for the top… and each with their own struggles.       Bianca HawBianca…

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